Into the sunset. Dillingham '11.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Popping my blog cherry:

Okay-- I've decided; after many months of pussyfooting around, I have decided that I will do my best to keep up on my life with a blog. I have been keeping a fairly steady journal for the past couple months in which I blabber on about cool things I've done or seen, people I've met, and my training/diet. Ideally I'd have kept a blog from the minute I left Alaska in mid-October. Life being life and me being... well... me, it did not pan out this way.

My girlfriend asked me what exactly a blog is for, and after thinking about it a bit, I've come up with a list of reasons why I am going to do this:

1. I am slightly OCD and for some reason my life feels more in order when I am writing it down. If you don't believe me, check out my recent day to day budget breakdown. OCD.

2. For keepsake. I think that in 10-20 years when blogging is a distant memory, I will be able to look back on my life and see the changes that have occurred in both myself and the world. It is always fun to find a journal from when I was a child, so why would this blog be any different?

3. I do not really have motivation problems, to be honest, but I definitely will be more motivated to keep up with my diet/fitness, schoolwork, and work, if people I know and like are reading this (or even if I think they are reading, which will more likely be the case).

4. To give my friends and family who actually do care what is going on my life a window to see at least a bit of it. I am awful at keeping in touch with most people, and I hope that this will help. Plus it allows me to practice my writing and maybe even scrape some of the rust off by the time school starts in August.

So enough with the lists and justifications, I am ready to start. Hopefully will be posting once a week. The next couple weeks will be mostly about my training and preparation for the Pan-American Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament coming up at the end of March. I have been documenting my diet down to the tee, and my strength and conditioning as well, and will be continuing to do so as well as posting videos of my BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, get used to that acronym) as well as my workouts. Once the competition is over, I will be putting up videos of me in the competition, so that those of you who still think I do "karate...?!" will understand a little better. If none of what I just said interests you in the slightest, I suggest you wait until after the tournament, when I will begin to try and recount my trip of 2011-2012, and settle back into Alaskan life.

To end this horrible rambling, here is a recent picture of Watson's Bay in Sydney, Australia.


  1. Congratulations on entering this cyberworld, and for your fine writing skills!

  2. Good luck at the Pan Ams! You looked great last year, and I can only imagine how far you have come since then.

  3. This is a wonderful idea. You already have great "voice" in this one. I laugh at your acceptance of your own OCD, by the way.

    Now, you are going to have to get "over the hump," so to speak--write that second one! That will really launch the momentum, no?

  4. I am your first member. Now, when you are rich and famous, I can say, 'I got his cherry''. Godspeed Corey.

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